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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

We have a winner!

Thank you to Cindy Rodriguez for participating in my class' writing contest. They enjoyed your story and score it a 12 (the highest they can receive on the CMT). They felt it was fun and it made them laugh. They liked your choice of exotic animals. They could really picture it in their mind. In fact, they would like to see it made into a picture book.

So what has Cindy won? She can either send in five pages for critique (from me or one of my third graders) or we will send her a copy of one of their favorite books. Those of you who haven't won may want to look at this list to see what third graders are reading.

Cabin Fever (Diary of a Wimpy Kid)
Origami Yoda
Darth Paper
The Littles and the Lost Children
How to Train Your Dragon
The Chronicles of Narnia
Dork Diaries: A Not So Talented Pop Star
My Life in Middle School
Rule of Three
Swiss Family Robinson
LuLu and the Brontosaurs
Eye of the Storm
Bigger than a Breadbox
The Puppy Place: Buddy
The Runaway Dolls
The Kane Chronicles
Sun and Spoon
A Mouse Called Wolf
The Twits
Gulliver's Travels
This Mistmantle Chronicles
The Witches
Where the Mountain Meets the Moon
Marty McGuire


  1. Hi Stacy,
    Thanks so much! The prompt was fun to write. I was happy to help, and I hope your students do well on the CMTs! A picture book, huh? Hmmmm...something to consider! I would love to send you some pages for critique from my WIP. I have had a couple of friends read it, but having a new pair of eyes look at it would be helpful. I will send it soon. Thanks!

  2. Looking forward to reading your pages. Thanks again for taking part in the contest.


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