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Monday, July 9, 2012

Silencing the WIP What Ifs...

When I first started writing I wrote because I had to, because I loved it, because the voices in my head could not be quiet until I wrote them down. Now I find that I am filled with what ifs...

What if it is not as good as the last book I wrote?
What if the character has the same voice as my last character?
What if I can't figure out where it is going?
What if no one likes it?
What if my critique group likes it, but my agent hates it?
What if my agent likes it, but editors don't?
What if another idea was a better one to follow?

What if...


So now that I got that all down I am going to print it, rip it up into a million pieces, and go back to listening to the voices in my head, writing them down, and realizing that most of my writing happens in revision anyway.

Do you have what ifs? What do you do to silence them?


  1. Just picture yourself being able to write novels FOR A LIVING. That, if you just keep going and don't give in to those What Ifs, someone will pay you to do what you love! That always helps me.

    1. I like your attitude!

      (Though I will admit that picturing myself being able to write novels "for a living" brings on those what ifs that need to be silenced :-)


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