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Sunday, May 3, 2015

SCBWI NY 2015 Highlights - Day 2

Day 2 started with a standing ovation for the amazing SCBWI office staff. 

Awards were given out for artists and young people.

Jane Yolan awarded the Mid-List Writer award to a woman from Connecticut who I was fortunate to get to know on the train on the way home.

Then we wished Jane Yolan a happy birthday, one of my favorite parts of our yearly get together.

Next we met Laura Vaccaro Seeger, whose amazing process in creating her picture books made me wish I was an author/illustrator. I took lots of pictures of her writer's notebook pages to show my class that this is how "real" authors think about their work too.

James Dashner reminded us that he was once, "one of us," however briefly.

Next up was an interesting agent panel where we learned that not all agents agree on everything.

And finally, Kwame Alexander, Newberry Winner and motivational speaker, reminded us not to take no for an answer as we get out there and share our work.

Then it was off to the book signing to help The Fonz with his signing and to get to meet some of these amazing authors.

The weekend flew by so fast. I am glad I have NESCBWI to look forward to in April. Hope to see you there!

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