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Thursday, July 9, 2015

The Sweet Spot turns one month old

Saturday is the one month anniversary of THE SWEET SPOT. It has been an amazing first month and it's time to celebrate!

From 8:00 AM Pacific Time on the 11th to the 18th the Kindle copy of the book will be on a countdown sale on Amazon. That means that on the 11th you can get a copy for only $0.99! Each day the price of the book will go up until its back to its list price. A signed paperback copy will also be given away on Goodreads during that week.

You can help celebrate by continuing to review the book and by brining The Sweet Spot with you to any kind of baseball game, professional or local and taking a photo of the book at the game and posting it in the comments here or on my Facebook page. I took my copy with me to see the New York Mets, imagining Sam, there with me cheering on her favorite team.

Thank you to Nina Haberli for posting the first one.

Here are some taken at Citi Field:

And here I am with my copy at Citi Field:

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