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Monday, February 1, 2016

The Sweet Spot has found a home!

I am very excited to announce that The Sweet Spot and its sequel, The Perfect Trip have found a home at Spellbound River Press. 


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Hannah Eastman
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February 1, 2016  — Spellbound River Press is excited to announce that it has acquired the rights to Sporty Girl Book blogger Stacy Barnett Mozer’s self-published middle grade novel, The Sweet Spot, a series about the obstacles one 13-year-old girl faces when she persues her dream of playing baseball. Spellbound River Press will rerelease the first book The Sweet Spot in March 2016, with the sequel, A Perfect Trip, releasing in March 2017.

“I really like the book and would recommend it to girls playing a nontraditional sport. Of course no reason boys wouldn't like it either,” said Justine Siegal, founder of Baseball for All and a pioneer for women’s rights in the sport. The Sweet Spot is geared for kids eight though twelve.
The inspiration for The Sweet Spot came from a conversation Mozer had with the director of a baseball sleep away camp. When asked whether a thirteen-year-old girl could attend the camp, the director said, “I mean I can’t say she can’t come. But, you know it is a sleep away camp, that she would have to sleep here.” After doing additional research and talking to girls who had experienced being the only girl on a boy’s team, the plot of The Sweet Spot was born.

As for having the book come out with Spellbound River Press, Mozer says, “I am so excited to be part of this new publishing venture. I have read all of the books on Spellbound River Press’s first list and I am thrilled to have The Sweet Spot among books, authors, and a press that really understands the middle grade reader.”

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