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Monday, November 26, 2018

#IMWAYR November 26, 2018

Each week I try to join Jen from Teach Mentor Texts and Kellee from Unleashing Readers to share all of the reading I've done over the week from picture books to young adult novels. Unfortunately so far this year keeping up with my reading has been challenging. I had a change in position at school that has taken up a lot of my time. Fortunately Thanksgiving weekend gave me a chance to catch up on some great books.

Here's what I read this week:

Middle Grade

If you loved Dusti Bowling's Insignificant Events in the Life of a Cactus, you will love 24 Hours in Nowhere. Gus wants to get out of the backwards town of Nowhere and to go pretty much anywhere else. In Nowhere he is bullied for being short and wimpy and he thinks no one appreciates his quick wit or his always growing vocabulary. But when he is forced to go into an abandoned mine to find a treasure and get a bike back for the girl he likes, he finds out that Nowhere may not be as lonely as he thought. I love Dusti Bowling's characters and the way she reveals their inner strength. 

Young Adult (Mature Audiences)

In Kingdom of Ash, Sarah J. Maas did such an incredible job wrapping up her Throne of Glass series, as soon as I finished it I had to go back and read the whole series from the beginning. The whole thing is brilliant. My only disappointment is that it is now over. But at least I can still go back and read them again.


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It's Monday, what are you reading?


  1. I enjoyed Insignificant Events in the Life of a Cactus and am looking forward to reading this one sometime next year.
    I read Throne of Glass, but wasn't as enthusiastic as you are. I'm wondering if the books get better as the series progresses.

  2. I adored 24 Hours in Nowhere and immediately bought a new hardcover copy after reading my e-ARC. It's so easy to fall into her stories and love each of her characters. I have been wanting to read a Maas book for a long time since I hear so much about her writing. Thanks for the shares, Stacy!

  3. I loved Insignificant Events in the Life of a Cactus so I definitely have to read 24 Hours in Nowhere. It sounds great!

  4. I didn't realize Dusti Bowling had another book out. Thanks.

  5. I have a few of Sarah Maas' novels in my shelves waiting to be read - perhaps 2019 will be the time I finally crack them open! :)


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