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Monday, February 10, 2014

How fast do you read?

My friends are always commenting on how fast I read. According to this test, I am extremely fast. At 1000 words correct per minute with 100% accuracy, I am only 500 words correct per minute less than a speed reader. 

How fast do you read? Do you think the speed a person reads matters?

Monday, February 3, 2014

Playing in the Sandbox

This weekend I joined my agent Linda Epstein and a number of her other clients at Glen Cove Mansion for a day of writing, critiquing, and practicing craft (while getting to know some really amazing people).

One of the topics of conversation was online presence, which was a timely topic for me since my domain name stacybarnettmozer.com was lost today due to a Google glitch. Instead you can now find my website at stacymozer.com and while this blog is mostly for writers and adults to read, the website will be my author page where I can put content for kids about my books.

And the best part about it - until I sell a book, it won't need updates. So let's hope I have to update it very, very soon.

Yes, I am holding someone's teeth.