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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Sweet Spot Interview with the Hawk Eye News

To prepare students for meeting me at their upcoming book fair, Carmel Academy Hawk Eye News interviewed me about my book. I thought this eighth grade news reporter did a great job. Let her know what you thought in the comments.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Fanatical About the Mets

One of the questions I get most often about my book, The Sweet Spot, is why I decided to write a book about a girl who plays baseball. The answer is not in the sport my main character chooses to play, but in the team that dominates many of my pages, the NY Mets.

When I was little I was always trying to find ways to spend time with my dad. So when he invited me to come to Mets games with him and a friend, I jumped at the chance. I don't know if we went once or a bunch of times, but I remember being there with my dad, eating hot dogs and cracker jacks. Rooting for the Mets.

With my dad at a game at Shea Stadium

In 1983, my dad got it into his head that he could design the best Mets banner and win banner day. The dining room was set up as our workshop. Glitter and paint went everywhere. In the end, we didn't win. But my dad, my sister, and I walked on the field at Shea Stadium with that banner. It couldn't get better than that. But it did.

1986, came around and the Mets could do no wrong. I was in middle school a die hard fan. We watched each game in anticipation of greatness. Everything revolved around the Mets. I even auditioned for my middle school kick line to the "Let's Go Mets Go" theme song (I didn't get chosen for the line but I don't think it was because they objected to my song choice). The Mets were my team, our team, and they won!

And then they didn't. For years they would get close but it took until 2000, before they had another chance at the title and it was taken by the Yankees. In 2007, and 2008, they completely fell apart after starting strong, causing even my dad to loose faith for a few years (he may have even rooted for the Cubs). But I never gave up hope that another 1986, would come and when I wrote my book it was only natural that my main character would be a huge fan of the Mets as well.

We have not been disappointed this year and my dad came back to the Mets as well. Sharing the experience with him and my own family, my son at the age I was in 1986, has made it even more special. Even if they don't win, I will never stop being a die hard Mets fan.

Stacy Mozer with The Sweet Spot in front of Citi Field.

#LGM 2015!

Thursday, October 8, 2015

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