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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

#BookTalkTuesday May 9, 2017

This year I have been trying to find new ways for my third grade students recommend books. Last week we started posting for #BookTalkTuesday. We'd love to see more classes join in. Don't have time to post? If you want to add books for an individual student, make sure to go to Miss Palmieri blog and fill out the book talk form.

Here's what my students recommend this week:

L. recommends the series My Weird School. This week he's reading Miss Laney is Zaney. He likes the series because the characters do weird stuff that make you laugh.

N. recommends Stick Dog because it's very funny and he likes the character's dialogue. There are many jokes throughout the book. 

A. recommends Sisters because she likes that the little sister always annoys the big sister. She's also a little sister and she enjoys learning more about this family relationship.

B. recommends A Wrinkle in Time because she likes that there is teamwork and that the kids don't need their parents' help. She also likes the mystical people that comes to help them instead.

That's all for this week. Check back next week to see what other kids are reading. Please comment on our reading choices or share your recommendations below. 

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