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Monday, August 23, 2021

#IMWAYR: Some More New Books!


Is it really Monday already? With school starting this week, I almost broke my deal to myself to start posting each week on the second week. Fortunately I've read plenty of books this summer that I can't wait to tell you about. Here are some more books from Netgalley that I was thankful to read before their release date.

This middle grade novel in verse is the story of Aafiya Qamar. When Aafiyah sees pretty things, they tend to end up in her pocket or her bag. She feels drawn to them and needs to have them for a short period of time. When her father is accused of a crime and is unable to get back into the United States, Aafiya decides to not just borrow but to steal from her best friend's mother in order to help her dad. This story did an amazing job of putting us into Aaifiya's head to see how this compulsion takes over her life. I am thankful to see that the author gives Aafiya real consequences for her behavior. This is a book that I hope will find its way into the hands of kids who need to know they are not alone. This is a definite must read when Golden Girl releases in April of 2022.

Anybody Here Seen Frenchie? is a wonderful middle grade story about friendship and the importance of connecting with others. Told in multiple points of view, this story is about a girl named Aurora. Aurora may not be able to sit quietly in a classroom or keep still, but when her autistic neighbor Frenchie moves next door, she is one of the only people who he connects with. And even though Frenchie never says a word, Aurora understands him better than anyone else. When Frenchie doesn't make it to class one day, Aurora feels she is to blame. Follow her cue, and what Aurora has taught people about Frenchie, the whole town sets out to find him. I love these characters. They are each so unique and interesting. Their connection, and the way they touch the people around them, is beautiful. Everyone should rush out and get this book in February 2022.


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  1. It's great to see you back again, especially despite the chaos of starting school—I hope that went well!

    How does Reem Faruqi have another book out already?! She just wrote Unsettled this year, right? Goodness—I get so behind so fast on my MG reading. And my YA reading. And all of my reading, really. But Golden Girl sounds fantastic—I've never seen a book that discusses kleptomania before, so that's very intriguing. I'm writing it down!

    Anybody Here Named Frenchie? sounds great as well—Leslie Connor's books seem to always be beloved. I'm writing it down as well. Thank you so much for the great post!

    1. Hi! It's Reem Faruqi :)

      I have another book out - yes! I can't wait for you to read Golden Girl, it's also loosely inspired by some things I've experienced.

      To answer how I have the other book out already, is that I wrote Golden Girl right before the pandemic hit! so I was relieved to get the bulk of it out then. And Unsettled I'd written over the years, but finalized it by the end of 2019. Golden Girl, the idea just came, and it was down on paper much quicker :)

      I hope you'll enjoy it! I can't wait to read ANYONE HERE NAMED FRENCHIE either; I Loved the character Mason Buttle, so so good.

  2. Keeping on top of everything can be really stressful. I have added Anybody Here Seen Frenchie? to my list. If Leslie Connor writes it, I will read it.

    1. me too. I loved the story of Mason Buttle and it was phenomenal so I can't wait to read this one.


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