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Thursday, November 8, 2012

The Best Side of Human Nature

As I lay in bed yesterday recovering from a terrible chest infection caused by my week without power, I received a phone call from a writer from Florida whom I met at a conference years ago. "I remembered you lived in Stamford," she said, "And I was just calling to make sure you were okay and to see if I could help. Can I send you some blankets?" I thanked her for her concern and explained that I have been lucky. While we did lose power and my backyard looks like this:

And now like this:

We are the fortunate ones. Our home was undamaged and we all stayed safe. Unlike the many others of people who have lost, in some cases, everything. At one of our worst moments this weekend, when we had completely ran out of water and it had started getting cold, a neighbor knocked on our door holding a power cord. "Here, borrow this line," he said. "We have what we need." That one cord of power, used to turn on a light and a small heater, meant so much it's hard to find the words. Especially since we hadn't even asked.

Since last week images of disaster have filled my television set, my facebook page, my inbox, and my backyard. But hidden among those horrific images has been something else. The faces of strangers and friends compelled to help.

Just like the writer from Florida who took the time to pick up the phone and contact me, and the neighbor who brought over a power line, and the many messages from friends I received offering a place to charge up, take a shower, or stay for the night, I have seen people everywhere doing what they can. Whether it is setting up donation areas and traveling to affected areas with supplies, or offering neighbors food or shelter, or singing on television asking for donations to the cause, people are taking the time to help others. Another friend of mine who was fortunate to keep power remarked on Sunday as she visited as many donation centers as she could reach, that she "just had to do something. Even though it still doesn't feel like enough."

This caring side, this better side of human nature is not something we hear about enough but in times of crisis, I feel so fortunate to know that it is within us.

Feel the need to help? There are so many ways you can.
KidLit Cares: Thank you SO much! Plus an update on what’s next…
Author Kate Messner has organized Kidlit Cares, a place writers and teachers can bid for great items and help those affected by the storm.

The American Red Cross has a donation site. You can also find places to give blood and volunteer on their site.

Do you know other places to donate? Have you experienced an act of kindness that you'd like to share? Please comment below.


  1. I'm glad you stayed safe. These storms have been crazy.

  2. Glad that you were safe. We were hit by the storms here, but nowhere near as badly as other places. Thanks for sharing this, because it's always good to hear about people being kind to each other.

  3. I LOVE this inspiring post. It's wonderful to hear stories about people reaching out and helping each other in times like this. Glad you were okay.

  4. Thank you all so much for your comments. I have continued to see this side of human nature post storm. I had a lovely conversation with my third graders today about community service where they shared stories of how they volunteered to help neighbors whose homes were destroyed. It was great to see even eight year olds were affected in a positive way and that they still want to do more.

  5. So glad you're safe.
    I think we are bombarded with so much negativity every day that, sadly, we are surprised when we see goodness in people.
    So thankful for all of the compassion and stories of inspiration that have surfaced following this storm.


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