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Sunday, April 2, 2017

Inspiring Day at #Kidlitpalooza 2017

On Saturday, April 1,  I participated in the second Kidlitpalooza, an event run by organizers of nErDcampLI. nErDcamp is an educational opportunity for teachers and librarians to learn from authors. Kidlitpalooza provides that same opportunity to kids. Here were the course offerings:

The event was attended by over 100 people. JoEllen McCarthy got the event going by introducing each author and having us each do a 3 minute read. Kids set a timer and dinged us when our time was up. I was so worried I wouldn't have enough to read in 3 minutes so was incredibly surprised when the ding came after a page. That 3 minutes sure went fast!

Charles Smith, Jr. wowed everyone during his turn by jumping up onto the stage and reading two poems that took exactly 3 minutes. 

After the 3 minute reads, it was time for the sessions. I taught two groups of kids about making the ordinary extraordinary. Though a series of writing activities, I helped them develop an interesting story about what they ate for breakfast. I was so pleased and impressed by the effort these kids put into writing - on a Saturday! Everyone I met, parents and teachers, were so excited about motivating these kids, and it showed.

Thank you to JoEllen McCarthy, nErDcampLI, and the staff of Northern Parkway Elementary School for creating such an amazing day. I hope to see you again next year!

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